Best Towing Company Gardner

What’s the Best Towing Company in Gardner IL Look Like?

Bold claim? Or a simple statement of fact? You tell us.

But with a 50-year track record of excellence in all aspects of towing and recovery services, O’Hare Towing Service has firmly rooted itself as a top-tier towing company and a staple of service for the Gardner community.

Our expansive service fleet is out of this world and prepared with the knowledge and equipment to tackle any towing challenge.

Here’s Some of What Makes Us Great:

  • True 24/7 Dispatch Never Leaves You Stranded
  • Universal Towing Services of Light, Medium, & Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Precision Roadside Recovery
  • Emergency Vehicle Assistance Services
  • Comprehensive Transport of Vehicles and Machinery
  • Regular Service and On-Call Towing.
  • Truck and Trailer Servicing and Maintenance

Our Top-Notch Tow Trucks Are Ready to Mobilize

Between our decades of experience, and our advanced technical ability and expertise, we pride ourselves in the honest, high level of service we’ve been able to provide since 1963.
Dependable Dispatch

Great service begins at the phone call. And the first test of any reputable towing company is how fast they get on the phone and send help. With an extensively trained, round-the-clock team of dispatchers available for phone calls any day of the year, O’Hare never misses a call.

Fastest Towing in Town

When most people call for a tow truck, they really only care about one thing: How fast can we get there? While there are realistic delays when it comes to towing,

One of the reasons we grew our fleet to the size it is today, is to be able to provide rapid service whenever it’s needed. Where more limited companies might have

Total Towing Versatility

O’Hare specializes in irregular towing, transportation, and recovery jobs, and doesn’t hesitate to take on a challenging situation. These include wreck recovery, transportation of heavy machinery or trucks, or hairpin vehicle extractions from the tightest quarters of parking garages.

Roadside Towing Company Gardner

Service Beyond Towing

Nothing says the services provided by a towing company has to be limited to Point A to Point B transportation of broken down vehicles.

While O’Hare Towing Services does maintain one of the most active towing schedules anywhere, our team goes beyond towing.

Truck Fleet Service and Repair

O’Hare Towing Services also provides the same level of service for fleet maintenance, as it does for towing and recovery.

For companies (like us) who depend on a fully-operational fleet of trucks for productivity, our team of truck technicians is available for regularized and on-call maintenance.

Seeing Tows Through to Completion

Whether it’s a routine roadside service, a simple tow and drop-off, or a full vehicle recovery following an accident, everybody on our team aims to go beyond the minimum call of duty.

If you’re wondering, O’Hare does take special requests – so don’t be afraid to ask, because we love to help.

Instant Service is One Call Away

O’Hare Towing Service is committed to providing first-class service in car, truck, and heavy machinery towing to the Gardner community. If the need ever arises for any kind of towing assignment, our dispatchers are always on duty to take your call.