Choose a legacy of local heavy duty towing.

Heavy / Medium Duty Towing Joliet Our towing company started in 1963. It was built from the ground up, providing reliable heavy duty towing in Joliet. The customer has always been our highest priority. That means doing things better. With O’Hare Towing Service you can expect 24/7 service, skilled truck operators, and dedicated towing from one of the largest fleets in the Joliet area.

We can tow your heavy truck or load now. Dispatch operates 24/7.

Our service center always takes calls. We provide towing 24 hours a day. Our fleet is always ready and includes tow trucks equipped to handle long, heavy, and even wide cargo and loads. Our fleet contains long haulers and heavy duty wreckers. Get service now. Jobs we handle in zip codes 60431, 60432, 60433, 60434, 60435, 60436 includes:

Short-notice Towing

We’re always ready to help. Get 24/7 heavy duty towing/medium duty towing right here. Our drivers provide short-notice and weekend tow and recovery.

Transfer and Storage

We do more than transport and tow. We store cargo and vehicles. Our facilities keep your assets safe and secure.

Our recovery towing services put you first.

Your livelihood is our biggest priority. We take care with the recovery of your cargo and vehicle while keeping you safe. Get moving today. Our recovery towing services in Joliet are available now. Responsive dispatch will get the right tow truck to you fast. Don’t wait any longer.

We are fully equipped for load and vehicle recovery. Our fleet includes a rotator with a 360-degree operation as well as a 75-ton boom lift. The drivers that operate each of our trucks possess equipment specific training. Choose a precision recovery. Call us now.
Before we transport a load, we check everything. Our drivers perform careful multi-point inspections. These ensure a safe delivery. Transportation accommodations cover local, in-state, and multi-state shipping. Keep your cargo moving. Reduce losses. Choose the leading recover towing company in Joliet.
Recovery is the first step. If you need time to, we provide it. We can move your vehicle and cargo to our storage facility. This secure facility keeps it safe, protected, and reduces the opportunity for further damage. We can help you organize and execute on-site pickups, deliveries, load shifts, and more.

Contact us for towing services throughout Joliet.